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The System Prompt (instruction for GPT) consists of instructions for the bot with your custom context. Note that users will not be able to see this text. This field is optional.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Embeddable AI Chat

    1. What is Embeddable AI Chat?

    • Embeddable AI Chat is a service that allows you to integrate an AI-powered chatbot into your website, application, or digital platform. It uses advanced algorithms to understand and respond to user queries in a conversational manner.

    2. What is a Custom Prompt?

    • A Custom Prompt is a feature that lets you set up personalized starting messages or questions for the AI chat. This can be used to guide the conversation in a specific direction or to address specific needs of your audience.

    3. How do I integrate the AI Chat into my platform?

    • Integration typically involves a few simple steps such as adding a snippet of code to your website.

    5. Is the AI chatbot able to understand different languages?

    • The chatbot is equipped to understand and respond in multiple languages. However, the range of languages supported can vary, so it’s best to check the specific capabilities of the service.

    6. How does the chatbot handle user data and privacy?

    • User privacy and data security are paramount. The chatbot is designed to comply with data protection regulations and ensure that all interactions are secure and private.

    7. Can the AI chatbot be trained for specific industries or topics?

    • Yes, the AI chat can be customized and trained to handle specific topics or industry-related queries, ensuring that the responses are relevant and accurate.

    8. What kind of support is available for setting up and managing the AI chat?

    • Comprehensive support including documentation, online resources, and customer service support is available to assist with the setup, customization, and ongoing management of the AI chat service.